Work From Home: 5 Items To Make It Greener

  • Apr 3, 2020

Encourage efficient business—and sustainability!—with useful and thoughtful tools employees can use while working remotely.


Due to the novel coronavirus, many people must now work from home (WFH). While this has been a big change, the show must go on, as brands are still needing to make sales, interact with clients, create products and conduct business.


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In order to help employees keep a routine, supply them with eco-friendly WFH items! These handy tools will help increase productivity, as well as promote your brand and Mother Earth during this time of quarantine.

eco-friendly wfh tools

The Green Kit comes with a coaster, notebook, stylus pen and vacuum-sealed water bottle… All things that can be utilized at home or in the office and all things that can be customized with colors and logos. 


The Promo Planter, with its nine seed packets, can bring some life into homes, allowing employees to grow their own plants, flowers and herbs!


The Wheat Straw Quake Wireless Charging Pad keeps devices charged all day, without the use of any cables.


Similarly, there is the Frenzy Wheat Straw Bluetooth Speaker. Products like these are a must, as they can assist during conference calls and play soothing tunes that make working from home even better. 


Finally, there is the Gaia Bamboo Fiber/Stainless Steel Tumbler; it holds 13.5 ounces, it is made of bamboo fibers and other natural materials, it is safe to go into the dishwasher, and it will keep coffee hot… something that is very needed while working to maintain a normal and remote work schedule!


Any and all of these promo products serve as a wonderful way to encourage employees, attract customers and appeal to fans, during the time of COVID-19 and beyond.


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