Tools & Gifts For Medical Professionals

  • Mar 31, 2020

Doctors and nurses work long, stressful and sometimes dangerous hours, especially now, with COVID-19. Thank them with useful and thoughtful products!


Due to the coronavirus pandemic, medical professionals are putting in even longer hours than usual, are dealing with even more stressful situations than usual and are worried about getting sick themselves.


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It is vital that doctors and nurses do their jobs, in order to keep both themselves, their patients and our planet alive and well.


And it is necessary that brands support these health care workers by thanking them and providing them with tools and gifts like the following:

sustainable gifts for doctors and nurses

GIVE: Glass Water Bottle 

WHY? Nurses and doctors need to stay hydrated, and a reusable water bottle is a much better option than a plastic one or a Styrofoam cup found at a hospital.


GIVE: Terracotta Ceramic Mug 

WHY? This helps bring a little bit of nature into the workplace, and there is no one-time-use lid that will just be thrown out, on its way to a garbage dump. 


GIVE: Succulents 

WHY? Plants are comforting and refreshing, so they can be placed in an office and at home.


GIVE: Recycled Plastic Bottles Backpack

WHY? This provides an eco-friendly way for health care providers to carry their belongings, whether they are going to/from work or enjoying personal time.


GIVE: Bamboo Lunch Box w/ Utensils 

WHY? With this item, a lunch can be brought to work, and zero trash will be left behind.




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