Vegan/Vegetarian Promotional Products

Jul 03

From employee apparel and gifts for clients to the promotional products that brands make available to their fans, there are tons of swag ideas out there. Why not go green, though?    The f...

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Koozie Celebrates Its 40th Anniversary

Apr 16

Austin, Texas: Wow--it has been 40 years since the Koozie brand was born on April 16, 1979, when a construction worker found that piping insulation kept his sodas cool and his hands dry while on the w...

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Eco-Friendly Marketing: Reusable Water Bottle Options

Dec 06, 2018

Since more than 60 million plastic bottles are thrown out every day, your brand can go green while advertising with reusable water bottles!   Every single day, more than 60 million plastic bott...

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5 Back-to-Nature Trends That Have Been Popular for Retail and Promotional Gifts

Feb 22, 2018

Back to Nature Promotional Gifts Are Making Headway in 2018 Austin, TX  It looks like a return to basics trend has taken over the gift and promotional industry--and here are 5 of the most popula...

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5 Things to Consider When Ordering Promotional Backpacks

Jan 04, 2018

Promotional Backpacks are Making a Huge Comeback in Corporate America Austin, Texas: According to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal, backpacks are "storming corporate America, with lux...

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