Eco Marketing Solutions is your one-stop sustainable digital and printed marketing agency focused on creating eco-friendly promotional products and apparel with your custom logo or full-color art, as well as creating user-generated content for clients to use for ad campaigns and social media posts to generate more leads, sales, and loyal clientele for your brand and business! 


We are a woman-owned business run by creative millennials who are dedicated to reversing climate change, clean our water, plant more trees, and save our planet with the power of sustainable marketing! 


Mission: We want all companies and brands to switch to 100% sustainable marketing strategies to promote their products, services, and businesses to their clients while also giving back to and protecting our beautiful planet 


Vision: To get all major corporations and businesses to implement 100% sustainable strategies and environmentally and socially conscious approaches to marketing and branded swag. Our carefully selected line of eco-friendly products either helps reduce/save energy, plants trees, gives back to the planet, or made from natural cottons and other recycled and/or reusable sustainable materials in an effort to reduce landfill waste and to help save the our Planet.

Eco Marketing Solutions offers over 700,000 eco-friendly promotional products -- including items from your favorite retail brands, glass water bottles, RPET tote bags, bamboo cutlery sets, wheat phone cases, and recycled tech products such as Bluetooth speakers, solar power banks, cork journals, a complete line or recycled cotton clothing/hats, and other unique items that are great for any Earth Day or Arbor Day events, employee onboarding, trade show or conference gifts, client thank you gifts, or marketing campaigns. 

If you need help ordering or can't find what you are looking for, please contact us for personalized assistance with your project 


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