Telehealth During The Pandemic

  • Aug 25, 2020

This form of healthcare has been vital, especially during the time of the coronavirus, and it will have a lasting impact on the health and wellness industry. 


promo jumpropeTelehealth allows patients to meet with health professionals via call and/or video, and since many businesses and organizations have had to shut down due to COVID-19, this has allowed the fields of health and wellness to continue.   


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While some medical treatments, evaluations and procedures still require an in-person appointment, many brands, such as those with personal trainers, nutritionists and/or therapists, can efficiently function by utilizing platforms like Zoom and Skype. In fact, according to Forrester Research, the world of virtual healthcare will have seen over 1 billion interactions by the end of the year. 


Companies and organizations who are looking to increase or start telehealth services should consider the following products. They can all be customized with names/logos, they are all made from environmentally friendly materials, and they can all promote at-home health and wellness, which is important now more than ever. 


First of all, workout equipment is necessary for professionals who lead individual or group exercise routines. Gifts such as jump ropes and portable digital scale with logoresistance bands can also be good for any brand to send out to employees, fans and/or customers during this time, since in-home workouts have been trending and gyms have been closed. 


Yoga mats are useful for exercising and meditating, providing a comfortable place to sit, move and breathe. This thoughtful item can be used over and over and carried to sessions that occur outside of the home, as well. 


With a go-to notebook and pen, patients can write down thoughts, feelings, questions and information that comes up during a class, in an appointment or throughout the day.


Another handy health gift is a portable electronic scale; it can accurately weigh small amounts of food or weigh out medications. 

puma joggers 

Activewear has recently been more popular than ever, with everyone in quarantine, so recipients will love receiving gifts like PUMA® Essential Logo Pants. They are cozy, stylish, adjustable and perfect for physical fitness routines, working remotely or binge-watching Netflix.



Finally, it would be smart to send patients welcome kits during this strange time, and something to include in this kit would be wireless earbuds; these are great for work, for play and for virtual health and wellness appointments! 


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