5 Work-From-Home Uniforms

  • Aug 14, 2020

The outfits many are wearing while working remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic can be broken up into five groups and can all be stocked up on here and now!


In 2017, research showed that over five percent of people (around eight million) worked from home (WFH) in the U.S. Since coronavirus has happened, that number has increased to over 40 percent.


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The WFH lifestyle comes with its own advantages and challenges, such as wardrobe; on one hand, it can be nice to avoid getting up and getting dressed, but people still need to look presentable if/when video conference calls occur.


That being said, the clothes that people wear while getting their jobs done remotely can be divided up into five main groups, which are all listed below. See which one best fits your style, and employers, be sure to equip your team with all they need to look and feel great. This will help lead to more productivity and will help to boost morale during this time!


eco-friendly pajama clothes with logos

The Pajama Party person can get super comfy and doesn’t have to worry about seeing anyone (except for maybe a pizza deliverer). This type works best while wearing a plush robe and a pair of house slippers. These pieces can all be customized with brand logos, though, adding a level of professionalism and pride to them. 


eco-friendly work-from-home clothes

The next level up from PJs still provides lots of comfort but is a bit more put together. The base pieces for Casual Comfort include shorts, a polo and some sneakers, all with branded details. Whether a person is hopping on a video call or stepping outside to get some fresh air, their outfit will appear laidback, while still acting as a walking billboard. 


eco-friendly comfy branded garments

A popular garment, especially during a quarantine and a pandemic, is a pair of Stylish Sweatpants. For instance, employees may be given pants, a T-shirt and some socks, all with custom options that feature a brand’s name and logo. These can be worn during working hours and beyond!


eco-friendly work clothes

For many, the workday now consists of Zoom call after Skype call after FaceTime call with clients and peers. These types are probably used to wearing Tailored Teleconference looks; putting on a tie and/or a blazer can create a polished appearance, and don’t worry... a person’s bottom half won’t usually be seen!


eco-friendly ppe


All companies and associations, whether they are working remotely or not, have had to find a New Normal, and that is the final category, when it comes to getting dressed for the day. Everyone should have their face mask, gloves and hand sanitizer, and these PPE items become even more appealing when they have fun colors and designs on them.


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