Importance Of Reusable Cutlery

  • May 21, 2020

Cut down on waste by offering up and giving away reusable sets of silverware!


As often as possible, individuals, organizations and companies need to be switching over to reusable items, and this includes reusable cutlery. When people grab to-go orders, opt for drive-thru restaurants or order into their homes/offices, they are probably getting plastic forks, spoons and knives. These may seem handy, but they are wasteful.


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Switching to a more permanent option is good for the earth and for personal health reasons, as natural materials such as bamboo are free of toxins and chemicals such as BPA.



bamboo cutlery

An awesome way to be committed to the reusable lifestyle is with a bamboo tableware set. It is trendy, and it can be used on the go, as this one comes with a pouch that can show off a logo.



metal silverware

Another option is metal, and this travel set comes with six different pieces, including chopsticks, a straw and a cleaning brush. These utensils are made of 304 standard food used stainless steel, yet are still lightweight and portable.



eco-friendly plastic utensil set

Plastic can still be used, if a reusable set replaces disposable silverware. This specific choice even comes in a case with a built-in bottle opener, making it perfect for picnics, field trips and more. 


Wheat Straw 

wheat straw utensils

Consider wheat fiber, as well, with its biodegradable sets that are harmless to health and the environment!


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