Green Marketing 101: It Always Begins With the Basics

  • May 14, 2012

Tips for Green Marketing Success

Austin, Texas: I spoke before a marketing organization recently and somebody in the audience asked me how they can get a green reputation quickly and easily in order to catch up to some of their competitors.

After some clarification, it seemed that they wanted to know shortcuts and secrets to avoid doing the hard work and start promoting their “green virtues”.

I replied that there are no secrets to green marketing success and just one formula: Truly become green.

People are becoming more eco conscious and they can smell greenwashing a mile away.

Before you can call yourself a green company, and before you can market yourself as a green organization, you must become environmentally conscious.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Why do you want to become more green?
  • What makes your company green?
  • What are the first 3 steps your company can do to reduce waste?
  • How can you educate and inspire your employees to recycle more?
  • How can you organization better reduce waste and energy consumption?
  • How are you promoting environmental outreach to your customers, suppliers and employees?

Then, after these steps are being carried out can you start on your green marketing campaigns.

Don’t put the spotlight on your eco marketing efforts and achievements until you have something tangible to show for your efforts.

Avoid greenwashing.

Speak from the heart.

Tell the truth.

Bottom line is that no organization is 100% energy efficient and none are 100% sustainable.

Those are ideals that can never be reached (like infinity) but should be challenged to get as close to as possible.

Understand how you can continually improve your green efforts across the board.

It should be a goal that changes over time, much like sales and profitability goals do.

  • Always heading upwards.
  • Always seeking better solutions.
  • Always looking to improve on past performance.

Those are the secrets to green marketing success.

I hope your organization finds success along the path.

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