6 Eco-Friendly Products For Green Camping

  • May 6, 2020

When fans, customers and employees are camping, make sure they are doing so in a green way.


There are companies that cater to customers who enjoy the great outdoors. There are organizations that promote getting out in nature. And there are brands who must think about useful and thoughtful promotional products… products that can appeal to many and that can show off a logo, as well.


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For any and all of these businesses and associations, eco-friendly camping gear is a smart option. These items encourage people to go on adventures, they work as forms of advertising, and they are all environmentally friendly.


Food & Drinks

eco-friendly camping food and drink products

Campers can reduce waste by bringing along Silicone Bags and Bamboo Fiber Lunch Boxes w/ Utensils. Not only are these great alternatives to disposable plastic, but they also help keep food fresh.


A Collapsible Water Bottle is a must for any outdoor adventure and for everyday use. It is good for the environment, and it is easy and fun to store and transport, as it folds in on itself! 


Travel & Belongings

eco-friendly camping gear

Another smart choice for those who enjoy camping is a Waterproof Backpack; this one holds up to 30L and is safe, even if someone is kayaking, hiking up waterfalls and so on.


Instead of a person having to buy and replace batteries, they can opt for a Solar Lantern. These products provide an endless supply of light, thanks to the sun's rays!



eco-friendly hammock

Similarly, instead of a tent, there is a Basecamp Hammock, which saves on time, energy and resources and which will not cause any harm to the surrounding natural areas.  


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