Personalized Succulents

  • Feb 5, 2020

A stylish and sustainable idea for promoting your message would be to say it with succulents!


A national gardening report concluded that six million people in the U.S. had recently turned to gardening and that five million of them were between the ages of 18 to 34. This activity pulls us away from screens and stress, and it is also far more affordable than having a pet or a child. Yes, according to The Independent, millennials in particular are turning to plants instead of starting families.  


While gardens can be full of everything from plants and flowers to foods and herbs, there is one pick that is especially trendy right now: succulents. These little guys come in all different shapes and shades, and as stated by Succulent Plant Care, they are easy to obtain and maintain. 


Furthermore, plants can improve the air quality and moods, making them a great option for promotions; they are earthy, they are popular, they are happy, and they can be branded with your company or organization’s name and logo. That being said, consider succulents like the following, in order to get in on this trend and market your products and services!


Assorted Succulents In Espresso MugAssorted Succulents In Metal Pail

 Assorted Succulents In Wood Box




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