5 Sustainable Trends For Your Work-From-Home Office Space

  • Nov 5, 2020

Create an effective and environmentally friendly workspace while working from home.


Now, more than ever, people are working remotely, due to the coronavirus pandemic. This comes with its fair share of perks and struggles, but one thing is for sure: Having a dedicated workspace is vital for productivity.


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It may be a home office, a desk tucked away into a corner or a specific section on the couch… Whatever it is, it needs to be equipped with gear, and it can even include some eco-friendly touches. 


Recycled Products

First of all, professionals can opt for recycled products whenever possible. From journals made out of recycled paper to T-shirts made out of recycled cotton, this is always a smart move.


Reusable Bottles 

Next, while staying hydrated during the day, make sure it’s being done so with a reusable water bottle. These can be carried along throughout the day and refilled over and over again, which is a much more sustainable choice than using and tossing out plastic bottles.


Bamboo Gadgets

Some more alternatives to plastic include tech devices made out of bamboo, such as power banks and speakers. And with more at-home business comes more reasons to have products like these around!


Plants & Seeds

A wise way to make a desk, cubicle or office more inviting is to include plants. There are a variety of full-grown options and seeds that can be grown, and it may even lead to some yummy herbs and foods.


Soy Candles


Finally, during this stressful time, light a soy candle to create some ambiance and to serve as a reminder to breathe. This wax is natural, renewable and biodegradable, so it, too, has earned a place on this trendy list!


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