Win-Win with Wheat Promotional Products

  • Feb 26, 2020


Selecting everyday use wheat products, like straws can have a substantial impact on Earth and winning client retention.

Many household and beauty brands have finally been outed for their toxic ingredients. No fooling us by their pseudo-scents anymore. The front against dirty products is promising; more than ever before, scientists and designers are looking no further than the planet to innovate a cleaner future. At this turning point in Earth’s history, the burden rests on conglomerates and individuals alike to reduce and reuse waste on a global scale.

From wheat to dust, a miracle plant is harvested for evergreen benefits.

Thanks to wheat, the transition to an entirely eco-friendly world isn’t so unrealistic. It comes as no surprise that wheat is one of the United States’ most significant exports. This is the germ behind bread, cereal, and beer we’re chatting about! But the evergreen benefits of wheat don’t end once this miracle plant is harvested. Of course, we can’t just till the Earth and expect our new sunglasses to grow with some rainfall. Through a process called Biopulping, manufacturers ground the gluten-free wheat stalk into a fine dust, which is then composited with plastic to create the product’s shape. Because wheat stalk would otherwise be left after the harvest to fertilize the soil, producing it is viable for manufacturers and consumers alike, all of whom will benefit from healing Mother Earth and making Home a clean place to thrive.





Everyday solutions you’ll love to share at work.

At Eco Marketing Solutions, we use wheat to build products to provide the market with groundbreaking biodegradable products for everyday meal time use. Easily accessible straws make slurping a smoothie or rehydrating with cold glass of water much easier. Cleaning brush included. Fill up your mug with hot tea or coffee for quick, no-spill errand running or brisk walks around the lake. Slurp a smoothie with an easily accessible straw. Pack a lunch box with colorful cutlery to chop up your salad or chicken. Consumers are looking for ways to go eco-friendly with every day use items. Why not make give-aways with wheat promotional products to make it a win-win for all to enjoy?


 Click here to view our promotional products made from wheat straw and what fibers.


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