Which is the Greenest Promotional Product?

  • Aug 9, 2013

How to Choose the Greenest Promotional Product for Your Marketing Campaign

choosing the greenest promotioanl items

By Robert Piller

Austin, Texas: One of my favorite questions I get each week is : What is the greenest promotional product that I can order?

The answer is: the one that will be used the most by your clients or prospects.

Determine who your core audience is and figure out how you can keep your branded message in front of them in a useful way.

Then think about logistics. Yes, logistics.

If you give away a 3 foot natural wood yardstick at a trade show in Las Vegas — it will surely be confiscated by TSA or thrown away because it is cumbersome to carry. That same item at a local home and garden show might be ideal

If your clients are usually at their desks all day, then something recycled that they can use there would be ideal–whether it is a recycled pen or recycled journal book, ruler, USB flash drive, water bottle, etc. They will consistently use these items in their everyday course of doing business.

If your product or service is better geared to reach your clients in the home or to save on electricity or water, then choosing an item that can go on the refrigerator or by a light switch or hot water heater might be ideal–such as a recycled digital thermometer, recycled water gauge or recycled magnet.

Same for mobile clients. Find the recycled promotional item that they will use over and over again– and it will be the most green item you can choose.

Single use products–even if they are recycled–like napkins, cups, plates, bottles of water, etc. – tend to be the least green in terms of product life cycle.

The promotional product that you ultimately use often reflects on your company…so make it a positive reflection.

Choose carefully and talk to a company that understands the green marketplace.

Here’s to a greener tomorrow, today.

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