Which Face Mask Is Best For You?

  • Jul 20, 2020

It is highly recommended that we all wear a face mask during the COVID-19 pandemic… but which piece of PPE is the best choice?


Wearing a face mask can assist in protecting ourselves and others from the spreading of germs and viruses. And in the past few months, companies, organizations and individuals have been buying and selling a variety of face masks. 


While any sort of face covering will be beneficial during this time of the coronavirus, the five suggestions below are some of the most effective and common ones to wear.


This Reusable Face Mask is made of two layers, including an outer layer of 100% cotton. It has a metal nose frame, an interior filter pocket, elastic straps with an adjustable toggle and a soft lining. 

Reusable Cotton Face Mask With Logo

Similarly, there are cotton face masks that can be reused by children, as well. Both of these options can be washed and worn again and again, as an eco-friendly way to help in stopping the spread of the novel coronavirus.


Surgical face masks are handy and versatile, as they have a low cost, are lightweight and fit most face sizes. These are also disposable and feature a three-ply filtration system.

Surgical face masks

The 5-Ply Respirator / KN95 Face Mask is thick yet comfortable, and its plastic nose clip and ear loops both help keep more air particles out.

KN95 Face Mask


A transparent face mask is a smart choice, when it comes to communicating with customers and employees safely, without having to take it on and off. Similarly, it is a beneficial choice for those who are deaf and/or who struggle to hear. Finally, this see-through face mask allows everyone to show off their smiles… and we could all use some more positivity and happiness during these uncertain times!

transparent face mask


This Seamless Outdoor Sport Bandanna is the perfect accessory for an athlete or a professional who works outside all day. While it’s great for protecting against viruses and the sun, people may also want a thinner option to wear while indoors, such as a cotton face mask. 

Seamless Outdoor Sport Bandanna



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