What’s Needed To Return To School Safely During The COVID-19 Pandemic

  • Jul 24, 2020

While the start of school will look different this year, parents, students, teachers and faculty members should stock up on PPE, in order to help fight the spread of the coronavirus. 


This Reusable Face Mask is made of two layers, including an outer layer of 100% cotton. It has a metal nose frame, an interior filter pocket, elastic straps with an adjustable toggle and a soft lining. This Plastic Face Shield is made of food-grade plastic, is lightweight and is ventilated, to reduce fogging. There are also face masks and face shields in children’s sizes. Both of these options can be washed and worn again and again, as an eco-friendly way to help fight off germs.



Washing hands regularly and well is a basic step, when it comes to personal hygiene, wellness and safety. In between washes, everyone can use hand sanitizer. Small containers like this are great to throw into purses, hook onto backpacks and store in desks. 

Another tool that can be useful during this time would be color-coded mood bracelets; these can show how much distance everyone wants, give a glimpse into stress or anxiety levels and limit unnecessary communication/contact.

Finally, make sure everyone is equipped with no-touch tools, which are easy to carry everywhere and which eliminate the need to touch door handles, keypad buttons and so on! There are stainless steel versions, as well as those that feature nylon hooks and rubberized tips.

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