What Are You Doing to Promote & Celebrate Earth Day?

  • Apr 7, 2010

Earth Day is April 22

Earth Day is on April 22 - and this year marks the 40th anniversary of this popular and fast-growing holiday.

What is your company doing to promote and celebrate this event?

1) Volunteer to talk to school groups about the environment: Whether you are a B2B company or B2C, children appreciate the green movement - and the message will reach their parents. Whether it is a private or public school, and grade - use slides and videos and you will reach this audience.
2) Plant Trees: A single tree can absorb as much as 600 pounds of carbon dioxide and convert it to pure oxygen - which is enough clean air for a family of four for a single year. Plant trees in a park, find neighborhoods that would like more trees and plant a tree or two at your own business.

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