Use These Promo Products For America Recycles Day

  • Nov 1, 2019

America Recycles Day takes place on November 15, and it is one day to educate, one day to motivate and one day to make recycling bigger and better.


According to the EPA, 75 percent of waste in our nation can be recycled, yet the rate at which Americans are recycling has plateaued at 34 percent.


And while there are individuals, organizations and companies that are in the habit of reducing, reusing and recycling, everyone needs to step up now, more than ever, to make a change and help protect the planet. 


If you are looking to inform and inspire on this topic, the following incentive items can assist in doing so. 


Recycled Bags

America Recycles Day

Bags like these are made out of environmentally friendly materials and can be used again and again when going to the grocery store, the beach, the library and anywhere/everywhere else!


Biodegradable Gifts

America Recycles Day gifts

When someone does have to use paper products, turn to biodegradable ones, which are better for the Earth.


Recycled Bottles

America Recycles

There is no such thing as owning too many reusable water bottles, so opt for those that are safe and free of BPA.


Recycled Toys


Toys like frisbees and balls for dogs are also thoughtful to use as a way to promote this day and this lifestyle!


These are just a few of the objects that can be handed out and given away on America Recycles Day (more can be found here), and we hope everyone uses this time to truly work at making a difference for our planet and our future. 

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