The Comeback Of The Fanny Pack

  • May 1, 2019

Cater to fans and followers by using fanny packs as your go-to piece of swag this summer!


The fanny pack was seen on European skiers in the ‘70s, was used as a money bag for tourists in the ’80s and then became an accessory for ravers in the ’90s. Long before that, though, similar bags were seen in the Medieval times, the Victorian era and even the Stone Age.

And now, it is back.

This little accessory may still be seen to some as something just meant for tacky tourists. While it is a safe place to keep your phone and money, it has grown into much more than that.

Luxurious brands like Chanel, Valentino and Louis Vuitton all have their own versions, and everyone from celebs and influencers like Kylie and Kendall Jenner to travel bloggers and athletes like Stephen Curry are wearing them. Whether you call it an athletic belt or a fanny pack, it is still a trendy and handy product that can also carry your brand and logo.

That being said, a super cool way to cater to this demographic right now - chic millennials, style bloggers, adventurous souls, jocks, those heading to music fests - is to give away/hand out fanny packs that have your company name/logo on them… And these are the ones we suggest!


On-The-Move Touch-Thru Activity Waist Pack

branded waist pack


This water-resistant zipper pouch has a transparent pocket, meaning people don’t have to ever stop texting, uploading, adding to their stories and DM’ing.  


Excursionist Fanny Pack

Branded Fanny Pack


This three-zippered fanny pack has ample storage and comes in an array of colors!


Running Belt Fanny Pack

branded running belt


For those who want something sleeker and more active, there are running packs like this one. It features an inside key pocket and a built-in slot for earbuds.


Clear Fanny Pack

branded clear Fanny Pack

With the new clear bag policies at events and stadiums, this PVC fanny pack will be quite popular with fans and followers!


Water Bottle Fanny Pack

Water Bottle Fanny Pack

Another unique option is this one, which has an insulated bottle holder, making it very handy.



promotional Fanny Pack

Some people may not be ready to go all out with this trend. A good way to ease into it all is with the Trillah fanny pack, which can go across the chest or around the waist for a look that is practical yet trendy.

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