The CBD Trend: 5 Promo Items To Get In On It

  • May 14, 2020

Promote your brand and pain relief with these cannabidiol-themed promotional gifts!


cbd bath bombIn recent years, cannabidiol, or CBD, has been growing in popularity. It is one of the active ingredients of cannabis, or marijuana, but it comes from the hemp plant. Therefore, it does not cause a high, and there are no signs that it can lead to abuse or a dependency


Instead, it is used in positive ways, such as treating diseases, helping to relieve anxiety and easing muscle tension and pain. 


Many brands have joined in on this trend, providing CBD products to their customers and fans. There are shops dedicated to these specific items, and there are stores and companies such as Urban Outfitters, Ulta Beauty, CVS and Walgreens that have also started offering this phytocannabinoid.


No matter the industry, any and all businesses and organizations should consider CBD-focused promo items. They can be handed out, given away or sold at events, through social media or as incentives. They can put a name and logo on display in a cool way. And they can offer up relief, due to the health benefits associated with cannabidiol.cbd tincture


Those who are looking to get in on this trend should consider promotional products like the following:


CBD Bath Bombs

A long, warm, relaxing bath is a wonderful way to unwind at the end of a long day. While candles, music and bubbles can add to the peaceful ambiance, people can take it all up a notch with CBD bath bombs.


They come in an array of scents and colors, and they all infuse baths with the healing properties of this phytocannabinoid.


cbd massage oilCreams

One of the most common ways to use and enjoy CBD is through a cream, such as a body butter or a pain rub


These can nourish, moisturize and protect skin, as well as relieve soreness, muscle tension and discomfort.



On a similar note, there are full spectrum or isolate tincture drops, which are created with high-quality, pure CBD oils.


These drops are pharmaceutical grade, made in the USA and gluten free, too!


Massage Oil

For even more comfort and calmness, there is CBD massage oil, a solution for those who need immediate and deep relief.cbd pet treats


This would make a great addition to a swag bag at the end of a fun run, an employee gift during the holiday season or a freebie added into a wellness purchase over a certain amount. 


Pet Treats 


Humans aren’t the only ones turning to CBD, as there are also chewable CBD pet treats. Made for cats and dogs, these are convenient, beneficial and tasty.


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