The 10 Percent Challenge: Can You Reduce Energy Consumption by 10 Percent This Year?

  • Sep 8, 2011

Austin, Texas: Many pundits have been declaring that GREEN IS DEAD over the past year or so, as the economy falters.

Recently, President Obama asked the EPA to withdraw new ozone protection laws as they might cost jobs.

Austerity measures are fine, and any legislation that might have the perception of job killing is politically dead, however true or false the assertions are.

What does this mean to the rest of us?

Well, to me it means that businesses of all sizes must step up to reduce their carbon footprint and reduce their energy dependence.

If every organization, big or small, found ways to reduce their energy consumption by just 10% per year, we will cut our usage by 50% in five short years–without any government intervention — or interference.

Each company should have a person designated as Sustainability Director who takes suggestions form ALL departments on ways to cut their electricity and power usage.

There is a great deal of “low hanging fruit” that can easily yield a 10% annual reduction.

Encourage and challenge your employees to look for simple ideas. Then keep looking.

Make it fun.

Educate your employees about why you are making these changes.

And encourage them to reduce their energy consumption at home by 10% too.

At the 10 year anniversary of the September 11 attacks, who would not be in favor of reducing our foreign oil consumption that leads indirectly and directly to Mideast unrest and wars.

Drill baby, drill? Perhaps. Perhaps not, but that it not a fix for our “energy addiction”, as former President Bush alluded to.

Schools and government organizations should lead the way in reducing their energy usage–and small and large businesses alike should be jumping in.

Will you join the 10% challenge?

Spread the word.

Here’s to a greener tomorrow, today.

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