Retain Employees With These Top Sustainable Corporate Gifts

  • Feb 2, 2023

Brands are struggling to find new hires, so turn to eco-friendly promotional products to attract, retain, and celebrate employees. 


According to Human Resource Executive, hiring and keeping talent is the main obstacle for HR managers in 2023, but there is a smart and sustainable way to attract new hires: eco-friendly custom-printed gifts.


promotional tote bagEco-conscious trends for the year include those centered around travel and agriculture, as pointed out by Eco-Business, as well as those in the realm of business, products, marketing, and goods. In fact, over 60% of people keep sustainability in mind when making purchases. 


To get in on this movement – all while appealing to and showing appreciation to employees – consider the 10 top-selling, environmentally friendly, branded products below. 


A reusable water bottle is a must-have item, as it cuts down on waste and promotes hydration, and you can’t do better than Miir Bottles. There are several designs, featuring different handles, lids, and colors, and they all make for sleek, thoughtful gifts.


Many carry a water bottle and a coffee thermos, so keep this Eco-Friendly Tumbler in mind, which is made out of bamboo fiber and comes with a silicone sleeve.


The Rocketbook Core Director Notebook Bundle Set eliminates the need for disposable notepads and sticky notes. Its white lined paper can be smoothly written on and then can be magically wiped clean with a damp cloth to reuse again and again! 


Along the same lines, make sure everyone is stocked up on Classic Recycled Click Pens. They are made in the U.S. and decorated with customlogo reusable silverware logos in a union shop.


It’s normal for workplaces to order food, but all of those paper bags, cardboard containers, and plastic utensils…Exchange them for a Bamboo Fiber Cutlery Set, which includes a fork, spoon, and knife in a convenient carrying case. 


Appealing to new hires starts on day one; welcome them with an onboarding kit that is full of fun and functional products and that is in the form of a reusable bag like this Recycled Cotton Grocery Tote. Its material contains recycled cotton collected from garment cutting waste, blended with recycled polyester, to produce a strong bag that can be carried to work, the gym, and beyond.


Another idea for the onboarding kit is a pair of promotional sunglasses, such as these Doral Wheat Straw Sunglasses, made of 30% wheat straw and featuring UV 400 durable drop-tested lens.


Plants help brighten up workspaces, so next up are seed bombs and succulents. In particular, Assorted Succulents In White Ceramic Pots are inspirational, sustainable, imprinted options that look great on desks and in window sills.  


corporate gift succulentRecently, Architectural Digest reported that over 90% of people think sustainability will continue to be popular when it comes to interior design, and your brand can take advantage with the Happy Daylight Desk Lamp. With three colors of light (white, natural, and warm), it provides a boost of sunshine, energy,and focus.


Any and all of these logo products can show off your brand and help with the on-going workforce shortage, while continuing to promote sustainability in places of work and beyond.


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