Promotional Tech Gifts Can Be Very Eco-Friendly

  • Jun 2, 2014

Are High Tech And Eco-Friendly Compatible When It Comes to Promotional Gifts?

Austin, Texas: Many people think that high tech promotional gifts and going green are mutually exclusive.

I am here to argue that they would be wrong.

The majority of companies with sustainability initiatives consider GOING GREEN to encompass waste reduction, as well as any product that can reduce one’s carbon footprint.

REDUCE is one of the Big 3R’s of Going Green: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

Many promotional tech gifts would certainly fit the bill.

For example, if you are currently printing flyers, brochures, catalog sheets, etc. — you can easily switch to a promotional USB flash drive to replace all this paper waste.

recycled-promotional-tech-itemsIf you give away a bamboo promotional flash drive or a recycled promotional flash drive–even better!

If you are currently giving away messenger bags and laptop cases and sleeves that are not made of recycled materials, then you are contributing to the proliferation of continued growth in the amount of trash that is dumped each year in our landfills.

Buying recycled promotional messenger bags, laptop cases and iPad sleeves sets a good example of your environmental stewardship.

Same holds true for recycled promotional stylus pens.

Think post-consumer recycled–not recyclable — for your promotional tech gifts and you will be leading the way to going green in an increasingly tech world.

Happy Promoting!

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