Post-Earth Day Marketing Allows You To Avoid Over-Saturation

  • Apr 29, 2014

Post-Earth Day Marketing Can You You More Impact for Your Promotional Dollar

Austin, Texas: I had a client call me last week to say that he is so happy that Earth Day has ended so he does not have to worry about his marketing plans until next year.

What a mistake!

I advise my clients to spend a large portion of their marketing budget centered around Earth Day and Spring events–but to hold back at least 30% for the rest of the year.

Environmental messages after Earth Day can cost you much less money –while also helping you to stay top of mind all year long.

Think of Earth Day marketing as your launching pad–but consider the rest of the year as your opportunity to keep your branding and messaging out in front of your clients and prospects.

The field is much less crowded after Earth Day–so your messaging can have more impact–like Christmas in July for retailers.

Be creative.

Tie in to local or newsworthy events.

Keep spreading your environmental message

Combating climate change should not be a one day event for your company.

People see right through it.

Earth Day marketing should be a year-round campaign for your organization.

What environmental message will you be promoting next month? And the month after that?

Let’s help people to reduce their carbon footprint 12 months a year.

Earth Day Should Be Promoted Every Day!

Happy Marketing!

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