Let's Have Earth Month Starting in 2010

  • Apr 28, 2009

Earth Day came and went quickly this year. It was fun. It generated a ton of media attention and interest all across the world.

But let’s face it–a one day celebration for honoring the planet seems too short — and a bit superficial. I am all for encouraging everyone to becoming more educated on becoming environmentally aware. However, a single day to learn about “becoming more green” will not really change people’s habits and make a significant difference in reducing ones carbon footprint.

As a marketing professional, I help many clients to implement and run loyalty/frequency promotions — and, bottom line, people are creatures of habit. Whether you are trying to quit smoking, beginning an exercise routine, or switching brands (of soap/sandwiches/gasoline/soda, etc.) — it takes 3-4 weeks of consistent behavior in order to truly change gears and learn new patterns of behavior, and develop new habits.

I propose a full Earth Month program where people practice a 30-day green behavior modification program. Plant trees, recycle, reduce paper usage, car pool, etc.

Not everyone will be successful for 30 days — but this behavior modification will have much more positive, lasting results than a one-day feel-good holiday.

Who’s in for 2010?

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