Is Global Warming Good for Tourism?

  • Aug 22, 2008

Thank goodness for Global Warming and the melting ice caps. Now, because of melting ice caps in Alaska’s Arctic regions, oil tankers, fishing vessels and even cruise ships are able to “venture into a realm once trolled mostly by indigenous people”, according to the Associated Press.

That same report says that business is now growing so rapidly that the U.S. Coast Guard is opening up “two temporary stations on the nation’s northernmost waters, anticipating the day when an ocean the size of the contiguous United States could be ice-free for most of the summer”.

Scientists estimate that within 20 years, the Arctic Ocean will be ice-free during the summer. As the ice melts, sea levels will rise, so, in essence, we will turn land masses into islands in the summer.

What an opportunity for people who have previously vacationed at every land mass and destination around the globe and just want to set sail in waters that were recently covered by glaciers. Global warming will create an opportunity for millions of people to take a cruise ship to an area that was once covered with ice caps and visit the top of a mountain region that is now at sea level.

I can picture hotel development being planned right now for mountainous regions of Greenland for the upcoming summer traffic. All these hotels atop mountains may look strange in the winter, but come summer, it will be sail in, sail out—oceanfront property.

Forget sunny Hawaii and the Caribbean. Pretty soon, it will be “Viva Greenland” for the suntan of a lifetime. And to think, we have global warming to thank for this vacation fantasy come true.

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