How Is Customer Perception Affecting Reality When It Comes to Your Green Positioning?

  • Nov 6, 2013

Are You Practicing What You Preach In Your Green Marketing Campaigns?

by Robert Piller

Austin, Texas. I ordered a recycled beanie cap the other day from a retailer who is well-known for being environmentally-friendly – and was surprised at the size of the box it came in. It could have held a microwave oven when a small padded envelope would have worked just as well.

Perception is reality … and even more so for green companies.

Everyone is out for a “GOTCHA”” moment – so companies that call themselves stewards of the environment or those that practice corporate social responsibility should be on guard at all times…and practice a higher standard.

The way a company acts creates a perception in the customer’s mind.

Here are some simple green marketing strategies to keep your actions more closely aligned with your mission.

If you are shipping products–use the smallest box or packaging possible that will ensure safe delivery.

We like to use “used boxes” –packing products in other shipping boxes that we have received.

We keep all usable boxes in our shipping department and use these for many products.

Reuse beats recycling all day long.

Place a small sticker on the box telling your customers that you are Reusing the Box to Help reduce Your Carbon Footprint – and encourage the to so the same thing with the box.

Same holds true for your corporate handouts – are they printed on FSC certified paper or recycled stock?

Your promotional materials– are they all made from recycled or organic materials?

Your trade show uniforms or clothing – are they made from recycled or sustainable materials?

Your booth materials–same question?

Saying you are environmentally-friendly and actually being green should be one and the same.

Customers perceive you for how you act and appear to them – not what you say about yourself.

Review your green marketing strategies – and start planning to make it greener for the foreseeable future.

Here’s to a greener tomorrow, today.

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