How Green Marketing is Like the Presidential Elections

  • Oct 16, 2012

Can Green Marketing Convince the Unconvinced Consumer?

Austin, Texas: I often get asked by my clients about tips and ideas to win over the masses– to try to get the climate change-deniers into the mix to buy their recycled or energy-saving product.

Short answer: It is a waste of time and money.

Best answer: Target the audience that is hungry for your green products– then expand outward.

Our company has been successful targeting businesses that have a green mindset– and that want to let their customers, employees or volunteers know about their commitment to the environment.

After all, why would a company that is targeted by the EPA or has a poor environmental record want to promote green products anyway? It would only send out a conflicting message.

We all want to grow our base – but have you satisfied 100% of the green-oriented target audience market share already?

If not, keep addressing the audience that will be most receptive to your offering. Then, through education, that market will expand little by little.

Don’t sell to the non-believers.

Just like in the Presidential contest, the key is to get your base excited and try to win over undecided voters.

All the debates, bumper stickers, commercials and yard signs will not convince the straight party ideologue to switch their votes over to another candidate.

The political rallies and ads are designed to ensure that the base shows up on election day — just as your green marketing should be designed to ensure that green consumers think of your company first.

The rest of the budget is for the undecided voters – or in the case of green marketing- those consumers that would like to buy green products, but have not yet made that leap.

Stay focused in making sure your green marketing campaigns solidify your standings with your key demographic – then slowly expand that circle of influence.

You will not convince everybody. That should not be your goal. To be President, you just need 50.1% of the votes.

Reach you base, keep them satisfied, and continue to market to that green audience again and again.

Continue to promote your company with a top down green corporate attitude, by being seen at green trade shows and Earth Day events, by teaching seminars, webinars and classes on green and recycling ideas, by using green promotional products and marketing materials – and keeping that message front and center.

Rally your base.

Your customers vote with their dollars.

Are you ready for a green victory?