Green Packaging vs. Convenience Packaging: Which is More Important?

  • Apr 27, 2011

There has been much discussion lately about packaging that green companies are using for their retail-oriented merchandise…with no end in sight.

According to a recent article in, consumers were asked if packaging that makes life easier or packaging that is good for the environment is more important, and 47 percent went with convenience while 49 percent chose greenness.

So there is clearly a great divide–practically evenly split — between convenience vs. environment, when you take into account the margin of error.

Sure, strides have been made over the past decade or so to reduce packaging – with smaller box sizes, increased usage of shrink film and other size containment strategies.

However, can more steps be taken to make the packaging more eco-friendly, as well. Perhaps the shrink film can be made of a material that is more easily recycled at single stream facilities. Most boxes are recyclable, so that is pretty simple.

By now, most, if not all, internal packing materials should be biodegradable–from “peanut” to cardboard to new mushroom fill.

Are you still using foam peanuts? If so, stop immediately. There are a ton of alternatives and this approach shows no concern for the environment.

Can you reduce packaging size? This will help with your shipping and distribution costs, as well as to present our product in a more eco-friendly manner.

If you have a food product, are your barrier films recyclable or made from recycled materials?

As a green marketer, you must continuously search for new and better ways to get your product to market– so you can save money–and the environment at the same time.

There should be no decision between environment vs. convenience—consumers should get both options at the same time.

Let’s Make Earth Day Every Day.

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