Going Green...A Large Scale Green Development Project in Mexico

  • Oct 7, 2008

Forget about the United States as the hub of the solar powered technology future, as Mexico is seeking to become a leader in this competitive industry. A $250 million project named Silicon Border Science Park is being planned as a 10,000 acre high-tech/science park…in Baja California, Mexico. Originally planned as a chip making project, it has changed its strategy to attract solar manufacturers to a location just south of San Diego. Since California is at the heart of the American alternative fuel revolution, this project looks like a sure bet. Mexico offers lower labor costs than its northern neighbors, lower operating costs and preferences under the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). In addition, transportation costs will be minimal due to its proximity to the United States. Although there are still a few details to work out before construction begins, Mexico can become a leader in alternative fuels, especially as its own nationalized oil infrastructure is beginning to show signs of misuse and wear and tear. In fact, Q-Cells, a German solar cell manufacturer will soon be breaking ground on a 3,000-acre site in Mexico–just on the other side of the border from Calexico, California. Perhaps this project will spur similar projects along the US-Mexico border and make North America the capital of solar and alternative energy for the 21st century.

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