Going Green Means Reducing Paper Usage By All Parties

  • May 5, 2011

I will be exhibiting at a waste/recycling show next week– and I have been barraged by a steady stream of emails from the organization over the past few weeks–each with a note to print out their emails–as they are making “efforts to be environmentally conscious”. However they require every exhibitor personnel to print out their form (4 pages) before they can get their badges.

In fact the exact wording reads: ” This letter serves as your registration confirmation. To expedite on-site processing, please bring this confirmation with you to XYZExpo. Please note that in XYZExpo’s efforts to be environmentally conscious, exhibitor badges and special event tickets WILL NOT BE MAILED. Instead, everything will be available for pick-up on-site. Your Exhibitor badge(s) and special event tickets can be picked up at the “Exhibitor Already Registered” counters. Please note a confirmation has been sent to the email provided for each of your company’s exhibiting booth personnel so they can pick up their individual exhibitor badge. Please be sure to bring your email confirmation and photo ID on-site (just like when you check at the airport). We thank you in advance for your support in our efforts.” Note: In an effort to be reasonable, I protected the organization’s name, substituting XYZ for it’s real name.

If you are going green or acting in an “environmentally conscious” way – then don’t require 2500+ people to needlessly print out four pages of documentation that is poorly formatted.

I have been to some shows where you get a bar code and can scan a single piece of paper or your iPhone screen to get your badges. This trade show organization had previously sent me an email with a bar code that I had already printed out– so to print out an additional 4 pages does not

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