Going Green: Is It All About Narcissism?

  • Jun 26, 2014

Narcissism May Be at The Heart Of Much of the Green Consumer Spending


Austin, TX: National Public Radio had an excellent segment today on how narcissism affects green consumer purchases.

In the study they described, they found that narcissists shop and buy green to be noticed and recognized as being environmentally sensitive.

In fact, the study points out three main takeaways about going green and narcissism:

1) Narcissists like to buy green products in public–where everyone can see how eco-conscious they are.

Think of Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s shoppers. Narcissists are much less likely to purchase eco-friendly products online–as nobody can see them making that purchase.

2) Narcissists like to buy green products that can be visibly noticed. Think about Prius cars, green backpacks and messenger bags, green water bottles that are clearly marked as “eco-friendly”, clothing, etc.

They did a test where narcissists can by what they thought was either a green laptop or a green desktop computer – or both.

The narcissists overwhelmingly chose the green laptop–as it will be carried around, taken to coffee shops and be noticed a lot more.

3) Narcissists like to pay more for a green product–so people can see that they put their money where their mouth is.

The study gave an example of a green-friendly backpack that did not sell very well when it was marked lower than competing non-green backpacks. However, once the store raised the price on the green backpack to more than the non-green ones, sales soared.

This philosophy is interesting –especially if you are marketing a green product or service.

Are your eco-friendly customers narcissists?

Now you know the tell-tale signs of narcissistic green consumers…and how to make them feel good about buying green.

Not all consumers that buy green are narcissists.

Many are doing it out of their string core belief that they want to reduce their carbon footprint and leave a greener planet for the next generations.

But many of your customers will be narcissists.

Embrace them and market to them as they want to be marketed to.

It’s a win-win situation.

Here’s to a greener tomorrow!

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