Go Green at Sporting Events

  • Jun 16, 2020

Soon, it will be time to cheer on our favorite teams. Get ready with these five eco-friendly and sports-related items!


After so many months without sports, everyone is getting ready to rush back into the stadiums and watch beloved teams play again. The COVID-19 pandemic certainly brought about changes, but this time away and inside has just made fans even more excited and anxious for opening days!


No sporting event is complete without the right gear, so everyone can get equipped with promotional products like the following. They can all be customized to match the colors of uniforms/show off a mascot, and they are all appealing and useful to all of the sports world. 

eco-friendly sports gear

Clear Stadium Tote Bag & Clear Fanny Pack -- With all the new rules for stadiums and arenas mandating clear bags, you can still show up in style to the games. 


Reusable Party Cups -- Enjoy all the fun of tailgating without the guilt of throwing away those infamous cups; replace them with these reusable ones! 


Plaid Fleece Picnic Blanket or Folding Chair  --  Whether you’re sitting out in the fields at your kid's soccer game or taking a nice nap in the grass after an intense game of ultimate frisbee, these tools will come in handy.


Recycled Umbrella -- Stay protected from the heat and rain… and keep others at least six feet away from you, too! 


Rally Towels & Face Paint -- Wear your team colors with pride, put your team spirit on display, and re-enter sporting events in the coolest way possible.

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