Five Steps to Starting a Go Green Program at Work

  • Dec 5, 2009



More and more businesses and organizations are choosing to “go green” these days. Once that decision is made, it is important to get this initiative off on the right foot in order to maximize the participation rate and its effectiveness.

Here are five proven steps to incorporate when deciding to “go green”.

1) Determine why your organization is going green
Having an eco-friendly business is a nice goal to achieve, but it will take many hundreds of man-hours, training, behavior modifications, meetings and costs, so it is important to understand why this decision is being made.

• Is it because your competition has gone green?
• Is it because of some negative press your organization has received in the trade publications or local press?
• Is it because you want to achieve long-term energy savings?
• Is it because you want to practice good corporate social responsibility?

Knowing the true reason(s) for this “go green” initiative is crucial in order to get the program started.

2) Find a Green Team Leader
One of the most crucial steps is choosing the right person to head up

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