Encourage People To Get Outdoors With Branded Swag

  • Dec 8, 2020

This sustainable and imprinted gear is perfect for showing off your brand and reminding people to get out and enjoy our planet!


The great outdoors. Mother Earth. There are so many reasons to love and explore this rock we live on, and brands can encourage it all with custom-printed products.


imprinted picnic blanketsPromo items have been used for years as marketing tools, as they show off logos in a unique way. However, they do more than just advertise: They can support a cause, send a message and help push people towards something...such as getting out in nature.


Below are some ideas and some eco-friendly gifts companies and organizations can use to do this effectively:


A popular outdoor activity is a picnic, which can be enjoyed by families, couples, businesses or classes. While the locations and the types of foods may vary at these functions, one thing is always necessary: a blanket. Yes, brands can promote togetherness and fun by giving away high-quality, foldable blankets that are easy to store, transport and utilize.


Some people like to soak up the sun while relaxing, so next up is a hammock. This is another foldable and environmentally friendly item that is aeco friendly custom dog toy great addition to a camping trip or a backyard and that is great for napping or reading!


Pet gifts always do well, since people love their furry friends, so brands can promote getting out with products targeted towards fur babies. Toys, for example, assist pets and owners in getting in physical activity. 


For those who want to dive deep into the great outdoors, there is survival gear; multi-tools, flashlights and similar products can be designed to include a name, logo and custom colors.


The best types of promotional items are those that will be used regularly, such as umbrellas. This last suggestion will come in handy when it is raining and can be carried to the beach, as a way to block the rays while having some fun outside!


And, in today’s day and age, it is also good for businesses/associations to hand out  eco/recycled face masks. These are a necessity while out and about, they put logos in display, and they promote wellness, too. 



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