CPSIA: Understanding The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act

  • Dec 28, 2012

Are You Familiar With The CPSIA and How It Can Affect Your Promotional Items?

Austin, Texas: Eco Marketing Solutions has Product Safety as one of its tenets in its Code of Conduct.

It is imperative to understand how the CPSIA rules and regulations can affect your business- as certain items may be classified as a children’s items–whether or not it was originally intended to be that way.

Some of the many determining factors include product use, intended audience, distribution method, decoration, embellishment or design and other factors.

Don’t be caught off-guard.

Download the latest Guide To Navigating The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act, which can become your one source for CPSIA information. This book covers everything from a definition of a children’s product, to standards and regulations, to specific supplier and distributor information and even answers to your most frequently asked questions.

Best of all, work with a promotional products distributor who has a deep and clear understanding of the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act.

It can save your company a great deal of money, time , aggravation, stress and embarrassment.

Eco Marketing Solutions stays current with the latest in CPSIA rules and regulations, and continues to write, speak and blog about the Act on a regular basis.

Don’t take CPSIA for granted. Work with a knowledgeable firm that understands labeling and packaging requirements to stay current with this ever changing ruling.

Knowledge of the law can be worth the price many times over.

Let us know how we can help answer any of your CPSIA concerns with regard to your upcoming promotional products campaign.

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