Cottagecore: What It Is & How Your Brand Can Get In On It

  • Oct 13, 2020

The five promotional products listed here are all nods to this current trend, full of natural and comfortable details. 


Recently, a certain aesthetic has been trending: Cottagecore. As its name suggests, it is all about cozy elements, the wholesomeness of the great outdoors and enjoying the simple things in life. It is full of nostalgia, with nods to traditional skills like foraging and pottery, and it is full of peace and escapement, which explains how it became even more popular during the current pandemic’s quarantine.


While any custom-printed item can boost a brand, it is wise to opt for products that are part of popular trends and that are made from sustainable materials, such as the five below.


Field & Co.® Plaid Sherpa Blanket 

 With its classic look and timeless style, this super soft blanket can make for a great employee incentive, client appreciation gift or social media giveaway.


M-Traillake Roots73 Ins Vest 

This vest features plaid lining, engraved metal snaps and a breathable, waterproof construction.


Natural Coaster 

The perfect place to sit a cup of coffee or bottle of water during the workday is on a handmade wooden coaster, which adds a rustic touch and can include a custom pad print or engraving. 


Seaside: Jute Rope Wrapped Galvanized Tub 

Another rustic and big-ticket item is this galvanized metal bucket and its rope-wrapped handles; this can be used to chill beverages or can act as decor both indoors and out. 


Barrow Torch Lantern 


A final nod to the past and to this trend is a torch-style lantern. This one, in particular, has a collapsible head and doubles as a bottle opener.

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