Choosing Recycled Holiday Gifts: It Is a Reflection on Your Company

  • Sep 17, 2013

Do You Plan to Hand Out Recycled Holiday Gifts This Year?

by Robert Piller

Austin, Texas: Believe it or not, even though we are just halfway through with September, I have written up dozens of Christmas Holiday orders already for my clients.

Unfortunately, the debate is just as strong this year as in previous years– in trying to convince my clients that the Holiday gift they choose to give to their clients and employees is a reflection on their company and its ideals.

Are you planning to give recycled Holiday gifts out this year?

Electronic gifts are great. So are gifts of food.

But do they showcase what makes your company unique: your commitment to the environment?

Your branding is an accumulation of your marketing messages–from the way your staff is dressed, to the look and feel of your website and collateral materials, your blog posts, your promotional giveaways and the Holiday gifts that you hand out.

Be consistent in your messaging.

You cannot talk about how “green” your company is — and then hand out imported stress toys at trade shows and imprinted electronic gadgets for Christmas.

It sends out mixed signals and confuses your position in the minds of your clients, employees and prospects.

Choose your Holiday gifts wisely this year.

Do your Holiday gifts reflect what you preach all year long about environmental stewardship?

Do they showcase your company in a positive way that enhances their opinion of you as a green organization?

Think green throughout all your customer contacts–because one weak link can ruin the goodwill you have worked so hard to achieve.

We practice what we preach here at Eco Marketing Solutions.

For the past few years I have given out recycled messenger bags, Christmas tree seedlings in a tube, bamboo cutting boards and hardcover books on the environment – all branded with my logo and messaging.

Give it some thought.

Start planning your Holiday gifts now – and insist on something recycled, organic and/or sustainable.

Happy Marketing!

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