Can You Market Without Catalogs?

  • Apr 26, 2010

EcoMarketing Solutions Discusses ways to cut catalog wasteDo you continue to use printed catalogs and flyers? Do you print the same number of catalogs each year - regardless of the trend away from print media?

If so, it is time to consider a few thoughts.

- Can you reduce the number of catalogs you print and distribute? Think about it. Ask your sales force. Talk to your clients. How many catalogs do you send off to be recycled at the end of each year? You can probably cut out at least 20% next year.

- Does every prospect get the same catalog? Have you considered a simple one page flyer for trade shows instead of the full line catalog? I have witnessed countless numbers of trade show attendees dump out pounds of catalogs at the airport so they do not exceed weight limitations for their luggage.

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