Beyond The Mask: New & Useful PPE

  • Jul 22, 2020

Everyone has (hopefully) stocked up on face masks, due to COVID-19, but there are other germ-fighting tools that businesses, organizations and individuals can customize and utilize right now!


Face masks can help in fighting the spread of the novel coronavirus, as can washing hands regularly and sanitizing surfaces such as door knobs, phones and countertops. Those who are looking to take cleanliness and safety even further should turn to the PPE below, which can all be branded with logos.


The Kooty Key Anti-Germ Utility Tool has a reinforced nylon hook that is perfectly designed for opening doors and a rubberized tip for typing on keypads, pressing elevator buttons and more. It also features a  retractable badge holder, making it easy to keep up with and carry.

The less contact people have with things, the fewer germs that will be spread… and the chance of getting/spreading coronavirus will go down, too! 


Face masks are essential right now, so be prepared for the long haul with these ear savers; they allow the elastic bands of masks to be comfortably hooked together, in order to prevent rubbing behind the ears.

This Face Shield Protective Baseball Cap is a fun and stylish accessory that assists in protecting against COVID-19, the sun and other harmful elements/sicknesses. 

The Hanging Counter Shield is simple to hang and clean, and it is a smart way to keep business going, without putting employees or customers at risk.

A transparent mask allows people to communicate without having to take a face mask on and off, and its see-through design also makes it a beneficial choice for those who are deaf and/or who are hard of hearing. This option allows everyone to show off their smiles, too, and we could all use some more positivity and happiness during these uncertain times!



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