Being Green Does Not Cover Up For Bad Customer Service

  • Aug 14, 2012

How Important is Customer Service to Your Green Organization?

Austin, Texas: Many green businesses think that all customers care about is the environment – and nothing else.

Well, they would be mistaken.

It is vital that all green businesses understand that good customer service, value and other basic business fundamentals are also critical for success.

As an example, I was courted for several months by a green supplier that really wanted me to promote and use their product line. They spend a great deal of money on Google Ads, webinars, print ads– plus hours spent each week on a nice Facebook page and blog.

A few days ago, he emailed me a choice of times to call me back this morning – and now, 2 hours and 20 minutes after they scheduled time, I still have not received a phone call – or an apologetic email.

All that time, effort and money wasted by poor follow through

Look, being a green company is great and an admirable achievement. I salute you.

But do not fall in love with your product, service or technology that customer service comes secondary.

Clients demand both–a green product and good customer service.

When I tell a client that I will call them at a certain time, I use Google Calendar to remind me a few minutes before hand– and call on time–every time.

We have a policy to answer all emails within 60 minutes–usually much sooner and we do.

When we give a deadline, it is honored and met.

How about your company?

How committed to excellent customer service are you?

Look introspectively at your follow up procedures and guidelines on emails, phone calls, appointments, etc.

Green does not come before sound business practices.

Don’t neglect customer service or your green organization will not be around too long.

Here’s to a greener tomorrow, today.