As Nasty Winter Cold Continues, It is Time to Double Down on Climate Change Education

  • Jan 7, 2014

Cold Winters Bring Out the Crazies in Climate Change Deniers

Austin, Texas: As we suffer through a record cold winter, FoxNews and other climate change deniers are promoting this weather as the end of “Global Warming”.

As we have discussed in several other posts, the term “climate change” is much more accurate than “global warming” – as it refers more to the extremes in weather conditions–from droughts, to increased tsunamis and more powerful hurricanes, etc.

It is too easy for people to infer that because the temperatures outside are sub-freezing that climate change is a fallacy.

It is time to increase our educational mission on the dangers of climate change–not back down.

The green community needs to do a better job explaining that climate change means weather extremes–not just warmer temperatures.

The green community needs to do a better job of explaining what these extreme temperatures are costing us in terms of lives lost, property damage and government assistance. and explain what preventative measures would entail and cost, as an alternative.

The green community needs to educate its audience about how they can contribute their time and efforts to make people more aware of the dangers to future generations of our poor stewardship of the planet.

Instead of yelling at the TV set or cringing when FoxNews rolls out their team of climate change deniers, lets double up on our efforts to educate the public with scientific data and facts and present them in a simple way that is memorable.

Let’s not lose the climate change battle to the loudest voices of deniers that have a network to promote their anti-environment agenda.

Let’s use reason and facts and spread the message that a clean environment is the only true conservative approach–as it will conserve and preserve our natural resources and ensure future generations live a cleaner life.

Happy Promoting!

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