Are Your Promoting Your Mission With Your Promotional Products?

  • May 7, 2015

Do Your Promotional Products and Advertising Campaigns Describe and Promote Your Social Mission?


Austin, Texas: Many of us have participated in Earth Day events to promote our brands with green promotional product.

Others use trade shows to promote their message.

If you are a green business, your target audience wants more information about your mission.

They need to be reassured about how you are green, your sourcing methods, your mission, etc.

Too many companies just assume that because they have the word “green” or “organic” or “eco” in their names, that their customers will understand and “get it”.

However, you are doing a disservice by not explaining your mission on every transaction.

In your signage.

In your ads.

In your promotional products.

Yes, a simple mission statement on the backs of your mprinted water bottles or a url that links to your mission statement on your website will be most beneficial in reinforcing or reminding your customers of why they buy from you (or should buy from you).

Present clients like to be reminded of why they buy from you. It makes them feel better and smarter about themselves.

But you need to keep reinforcing your green message over and over again so it sinks in.

Just handing out a recycled water bottle or recycled frisbee with your logo on it is not enough. Be sure your mission statement is prominent EVERYWHERE.

Reinforcement of your message is crucial.

People are busy.

They forget.

Remind them why your company is the smart green option for them.

Remind them of your vision. Your vision for the future probably is the same as your customers’ vision.

Make them feel good that they are supporting your business or organization.

Your green mission statement is probably what won them over in the first place.

Keep it fresh in their minds all the time.

Don’t assume they will remember your mission

Happy Promoting!

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