Are You Speaking to Groups Throughout the Year to Promote Improved Environmental Education?

  • Jun 26, 2013

Are You Continuing to Educate Consumers About Environmental Causes?

Austin, Texas: Since education is the key to gaining supporters for environmental causes, when was the last time you spoke in public about a green issue: recycling, anti-litter, composting, energy efficiency, solar power, carbon footprint, etc?

When was the last time you blogged about ideas to help improve the environment?

Have you been active or complacent in promoting environmental education?

The green movement needs acolytes and proselytizers.

We have plenty of critics and plenty of companies using greenwashing to subterfuge the issue.

We need increased environmental education.

We need greater transparency.

Don’t speak about your new green product or service.

Speak on the topic of the environment and environmental stewardship.

Explain the basics.

Implore action.

Discuss green issues.

Promote greater education.

Grow the base.

Work with other green organizations to create synergy in these educational endeavors.

Possibly create symposiums, online speeches, forums or debates.

Bring in people from all sides of the green spectrum – as environmental education is about presenting the facts – and then letting people decide for themselves.

Earth Day cannot be the only day of the year that you promote a greener planet.

Get more involved today.

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