Appeal To Your Audience With Pet Accessories

  • Aug 20, 2020

Cute creatures and adorable animals are part of the families brands try to reach on a daily basis, so remember to keep these fur babies in mind!


pet reusable water bottle with logoAccording to the American Pet Products Association, 67 percent of American households have pets. This means that a large percentage of a brand’s potential customers have furry friends that are part of the family. And while any promotional product can help spread awareness and boost business, pet gifts are always a wise way to go.


The product suggestions below can be handed out at events, given away online, included with purchases or utilized as incentives or advertisements. They can all be customized with a company’s or an organization’s name and logo. And they are all made from eco-friendly materials, making them good for the planet, too.


The public will always appreciate Water Bottles & Collapsible Bowls, as these help keep adorable animals hydrated and fed while out and about. Plus, reusable options like these are much better than disposable ones, and bringing along your own dishes can be safer and easier than tryingpet leash gift to find an alternative while on the go.


Just as humans enjoy beauty and hygiene products, so do creatures and critters! Therefore, consider Grooming Glove Hair Removers, which help leave fur feeling soft and smooth. 


Regular walks are vital for dogs, making Retractable Leashes & Harnesses another gift that brands can hand out and give away. In fact, bundling these two together for a social media contest/raffle would be a fun way to drum up some attention and gain some exposure. 


Finally, we can all protect Mother Earth further by picking up after pets and using Waste Disposal Bag Dispensers; these allow owners to easily carry the bags that will pick up any messes that are left behind.


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