Aluminum Bottles vs. Stainless Steel Bottles for Promotional Use

  • Sep 8, 2009

which promotional bottles are better: aluminum or stainless steelSports bottles have become a very popular promotional product for trade shows, outreach programs and for employee gifts, as they reduce the need for water bottles. I have written a few postings about the dangers of BPA in some water bottles, especially polycarbonate, as they allow for a softer, more flexible shape.

BPA has come under mainstream scrutiny in the past two years after medical reports had linked the chemical to cancer, heart disease, birth defects and more. A year ago the Food and Drug Administration ruled that BPA was safe in trace amounts, but it has since agreed to review its own decision. Many companies have opted to stop creating bottles with BPA as a result of the controversy and lack of consumer demand.

Imprinted stainless steel and aluminum water bottles have been one of the fastest growing segments in drinkware – noted for their sporty looks and rugged design. At, we stay clear of any bottles that contain BPA—and mention that the bottles are BPA-free for clarity.

BPA is not only used in polycarbonate plastic bottles, but sometimes, even in aluminum bottles. I caution my clients to beware of aluminum sports bottles, as often the inner linings are coated with BPA. Aluminum, although less expensive than stainless steel, has several disadvantages when compared to stainless steel sports bottles.

Mainly aluminum bottles are subject to dinging very easily, whereas stainless can be knocked around and still hold up quite nicely. The other disadvantage is that in order to get rid of the aluminum taste and odor, a liner has to be melted in place. In stainless steel, like in stainless steel eating utensils and cookware, no coating is needed.

In fact, popular water bottle maker SIGG has revealed in a letter from its CEO that all its aluminum bottles made before August 2008 used a liner that contained bisphenol A (BPA). Reaction from its admission prompted CEO Steve Wasik to issue a second letter last Tuesday apologizing for the company’s actions. “After reading and responding to hundreds of e-mails and viewing nearly as many blog & Twitter posts, I realize that my first letter may have missed the mark,” wrote Wasik. “What I should have said simply and loudly to all of our loyal SIGG fans is: I am sorry that we did not make our communications on the original SIGG liner more clear from the very beginning.”

My recommendation is to pay the extra buck and go with stainless steel water bottles. They are more solidly constructed, will last longer than any other drinkware and are BPA-free. You can get stainless steel water bottles with or without a caribiner, depending on the demographics of your audience. Most of my clients are going with the wide-mouth water bottles, as they accept ice cubes and are easier to clean.

Water bottles are an ideal way to showcase your logo and message, as they are used over and over again. And they prevent the widespread use of single use plastic water bottles that end up in landfills. Don’t pinch pennies when it comes to drinkware. Insist that all plastic bottles are BPA-free and stick with stainless steel over aluminum.

Happy green marketing and promoting.

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