7 Reasons Brands Should Be Involved In Environmental Initiatives

  • Feb 16, 2023

By working to protect the planet, companies and organizations can better awareness, workplace culture, loyalty, and beyond.


Obviously, a brand’s focus should be on its products/services, but there are many other aspects to consider, such as marketing, employee retention, industry collaborations, volunteer work, workplace safety, and sustainability.


Eco-conscious efforts, in particular, impact several areas of brands – no matter their sectors, locations, sizes, budgets, and goals. 


Some examples of ways brands can be involved in environmental initiatives include:

–reducing, reusing, and recycling waste

–having remote work days to cut down on carbon dioxide emissions

–using digital files instead of paper ones and reusable water bottles from brands like Miir and CamelBak instead of plastic ones

–turning off lights, appliances, devices, etc. when leaving a room

–donating time/money to eco organizations 


Below are just a few of the benefits brands will realize when partaking in sustainable endeavors.


Reputation: By demonstrating a commitment to responsible practices, brands can improve reputation and build trust with everyone from clients and employees to reporters and investors. In fact, nearly half of people think more highly of brands if said businesses/groups utilize eco-friendly promo products.


Brand Loyalty: With an improved reputation, a brand will then see an increase in loyalty, leading to – for instance – repeat customers and employee retention.


Performance: Research has shown that brands with eco-focused practices tend to have better financial performances, as detailed above.


Innovation: By focusing on sustainable practices, brands can tap into new opportunities, performing at the cusp of innovation.


Work Culture: Whether a workplace is recycling, volunteering, or making the switch to reusable products, these steps will bring teams together; the positive actions and collaborative teamwork boost morale, communication, synergy, and the overall workplace environment.


Brand Awareness: As a brand does more for the planet, the efforts will bring about further recognition.


Environmentalism: And, of course, any initiative that promotes sustainability is helping to protect the planet and reverse the damage that has been done to earth…which is something everyone needs to consider.


Bonus: To further encourage an environmentally friendly place of work, turn to branded bags that can be handed out to employees, gifted to clients, given away to social media fans, included with purchases, and beyond. Top-selling picks from brands like Osprey, RuMe, and Out of The Woods are perfect for employees, as they:

–provide a way to transport/store belongings

–are versatile enough to travel from the office and the gym to a vacation

–act as a walking billboard, showing off a name/logo


No matter how your brand promotes a happy and healthy planet, do so with Eco Marketing Plus’ stylish sustainable swag!


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