6 Promo Items For A More Sustainable Summer

  • Apr 14, 2020

Promote summer fun, sustainability and your brand with fun and useful items like these!


Before we know it, summer will be here, and your brand needs to be thinking about promotional products for this time. The activities that people most enjoy during the warmer months can be enhanced with items like the following… and your company/organization can be advertised, as each one has customizable options to show off your colors, name, themes and logo!


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promo sunscreenFurthermore, all of the ideas on this list are environmentally friendly; they will encourage people to enjoy nature without leaving any waste behind.


Sunscreen is a must during this time of the year especially, and bottles like these come with SPF 30 and a handy carabiner. Plus, it’s reef safe, meaning it is non-toxic to coral reefs or any marine life in the coral reef ecosystem.recycled umbrella


On a similar note, an umbrella can help block the sun, and the best choice here is a Recycled Umbrella. Not only is this a great form of shade, but imagine all the people who will see your logo, big and bold!


A summer adventure needs the perfect soundtrack, and your employees, customers and fans can listen to tunes on a bluetooth solar speakerSolar Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker, which is charged naturally by the sun.


Hydration is important, and a Collapsible Water Bottle can be reused and refilled over and over, as well as transported and stored quite easily. 


When people head to the beach or the pool, they will need Dry Bags; these reusable items keep possessions dry and collapsible water bottlesafe.


Another smart and stylish summer product would be a Recycled Cap. Accessories like these are a popular option, and recycled logo capone that helps protect skin and the planet is a wise way to go! 



Whether you have an upcoming trade show, are planning an online giveaway or have been looking for a way to boost business, consider any of these summer-themed promo products; they will get people excited about the upcoming fun and about your brand, all while being good for the earth.

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