6 Popular Promotional Items to Celebrate Spring

  • Mar 18, 2013

Spring Promotion Ideas For Your Customers

Austin, Texas: Spring is here..and now is the time for green marketers to promote the outdoors.

People have been indoors long enough and are looking to plant trees and flowers and to spruce up their yards.

Tying your spring promotion to flowers, trees and plants can be the ideal way to promote your environmentally friendly marketing message.

Here are some of the most popular Spring promotional items:

1) Flower Seed Packets: Flower, tree and vegetable seed packets imprinted with your name and logo are one of the least expensive ways to promote the environment. They are lightweight, cost well under a dollar per packet and have a large imprint area for your logo, and your environmental message.

2) Live Tree Seedlings: Giving a live tree seedling is a gift that will last for generations and cost under $2 each. These tree seedlings can grow to 100-150 feet tall and convert harmful pollutants in the air into pure oxygen–while increasing the value of any home.

3) Garden Kits: Whether you give away flower, herb or vegetable seed garden kits, these low cost promotions can keep your logo on your client’s desktop or window–where it will be viewed many times per day–giving you massive exposure at a very nominal cost.

4) Recycled Flying Discs: Encourage people to get outdoors and enjoy parks with 9-inch recycled flying discs. People will reuse these over and over again– helping to keep your message front and center.

5) Doggie Poo Bag Dispensers: As your customers get outdoors more in the Spring, they will be bringing Fido and Fifi outdoors with them. Encourage them to clean up after their dogs with these reusable and re-fillable Doggie poo bag dispensers.

6) Recycled Water Bottles: People will finally be lacing up their sneakers to get outdoors more – and a recycled water bottle will keep your customers hydrated while promoting your brand for many months.

Be sure your Spring promotional items are environmentally-friendly–meaning recycled or reusable to help keep your message pertinent and branding consistent.

Help your customers enjoy Spring.

Here’s to a greener tomorrow, today!

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