6 Bamboo Swag Ideas

  • Aug 7, 2019

Did you know… Bamboo is the world’s fastest-growing plant and is self-sustaining, sending up new shoots each year. These are some of the top reasons people are turning to this plant as a replacement for other materials. 


Bamboo is popular within the eco-friendly world. It can be used to create everything from tech gadgets and office supplies to clothing items, giving people more natural options. 


Furthermore, promotional products are popular when it comes to how businesses advertise themselves. These pieces can be handed out at events, given away via social media and made available to employees, as a way for even more eyes to land on a brand’s product(s)/service(s).


By going green with swag, companies can appeal to people on a deeper level, so here are some of the bamboo things to consider: 


Mini Pen/Stylus 

bamboo pen

 This two-in-one tool features a twist-action pen and a soft stylus, all with a natural look.


USB Flash Drive 

bamboo flash drive

This top-selling flash drive, made from 100% bamboo, is a thoughtful "thank you" or "welcome” gift. 


Notebook w/ Pen

bamboo notepad

Customers, employees, clients and everyone else will find this notebook (with its 70 sheets of recycled paper) and this pen (with its blue ink) to be very handy. 


Wireless Speaker 

bamboo speaker

Speakers are also terrific swag items, and this one can work for professional or personal reasons with mobile phones, MP4s, tablets and laptops.


Power Bank w/ USB Ports 

bamboo power bank

 On a similar note, an environmentally friendly power bank such as this makes a chic and sleek gift!


Cutlery Set

bamboo cutlery

No matter your industry, you may also want to think about stocking up on some cutlery sets; this one includes a biodegradable fork, knife and spoon in a reusable cotton travel pouch, and many people would be able to use these reusable utensils instead of plastic ones.


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