5 Steps for Better Green Branding and Sustainability

  • Jul 13, 2010

Sofia Ribeiro, Founder and co-owner of Kiwano Marketing, mentions that in order to be a sustainable business, an organization needs to integrate its beliefs in three main areas: planet, people, profits. She says that “in order to own a truly sustainable brand, businesses must integrate environmental, social and economic sustainability across the 3 brand elements:

Products/Services, Business Standards and Company Style.

Products/Services: Self explanatory, but only one leg of this tripod of ideas.

Business Standards: These would include strategies, implementation, hiring practices, and mission.

Company Style:This would include communications, image, logo and branding, etc.

She goes on to note that in order to own a sustainable brand, businesses must also practice these 5 principles:

1. Have a policy in place, documenting all the values and standards the business stands for and acts on.

2. Incorporate the principles of environmental, social and economic sustainability into each of the business decisions.

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